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Club Colours: Green & Gold
Age Groups Catered: U6 to Adult

Club zone

Club Contacts:




Breda Ahern
Fiona Kelly
JC Farrell & Allan Robertson
Pitch Eircode: V94 EK59
Club History:

The Club was formed in 2006 and caters for all age groups from Under 6 to Adult. New members are always welcome to join us.

Roll of Honour:

2020 Under 16A Cup Championship

2019 Under 16A Shield Championship & Under 16A Shield League

2019 Under 12B Cup Championship

2019 Minor C Shield Championship

2019 Junior B Championship & League Champions

2018 Junior B Championship

2018 Under 16C Cup Championship & Under 16C Shield League

2018 Under 14B Cup Championship & Under 14 Section 3 League

2018 Under 12B Shield Championship

2017 Under 16D Shield Champions & Under 16C Shield League

2017 Under 14A Shield Championship & Under 14A Shield League

2016 Minor B Shield Championship

2016 Under 16D Shield Championship

2016 Under 14B Shield Championship

2016 Under 13A Cup - County Blitz

2016 Under 11B Cup – County Blitz

2014 Under 16A Shield Championship

2013 Junior Novice Championship

2013 Under 16 Novice League

2013 Under 14B Novice Championship

2010 Under 11B Cup – County Blitz

2007 Under 12 Shield Championship

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