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Under 19 League Fixtures 2023

Group 1
1. St Brigids
2. Ahane
3. Knock
4. Galtee Gaels

Group 3
1. Oola
2. Pallasgreen
3. Ballylanders
4. St Ailbes

Group 2
1. Fr Casey’s
2. Feohanagh 
3. Mungret St. Pauls
4. Dromcollogher Broadford

Group 4
1. Groody Gaels
2. Monagea
3. Old Mill
4. St Senans

1. Granagh Ballingarry
2. Adare
3. Cappagh
4. Gerald Griffins
5. Athea

Round 1  - 12th March 2023

Group 1
St. Brigids  V  Ahane
Knockainey  V  Galtee Gaels

Group 3
Oola  V  Pallasgreen
St. Ailbes  V  Ballylanders

Group 2
Fr. Caseys  V  Feohanagh Castlemahon
Dromcollogher Broadford  V Mungret St. Pauls

Group 4
Groody Gaels  V  Monagea
St. Senans  V  Old Mill

Round 2  - 19th March 2023

Group 1
Ahane  V  Galtee Gaels
St. Brigids  V  Knockainey

Group 2
Feohanagh Castlemahon  V  
Dromcollogher Broadford 
Mungret St. Pauls  V  Fr. Caseys

Group 3
Pallasgreen  V  
St. Ailbes 
Ballylanders  V  Oola

Group 4
Monagea  V  
St. Senans    
Old Mill  V  Groody Gaels

Round 3  - 14th April 2023

Group 1
Galtee Gaels  V  St. Brigids  
Ahane  V  Knockainey  

Group 2
Dromcollogher Broadford  V  Fr. Caseys
Mungret St. Pauls  V  Feohanagh Castlemahon

Group 3
Oola  V 
St. Ailbes 
Ballylanders  V  Pallasgreen

Group 4
Groody Gaels  V 
St. Senans    
Old Mill  V  Monagea

Finals  - 23rd April 2023

A Cup 

Winners Group 1  V  Winners Group 2

B Cup 
Winners Group 3  V  Winners Group 4  


U19 Novice League 2023
Round 1 5th March 
agh Ballingarry  V  Gerald Griffins
Adare  6:10   Cappagh  5:05

Athea BYE
Round 2 12th March
Cappagh  V  Granagh Ballingarry 
Gerald Griffins  V  Athea

Adare BYE
Round 3 19th March 
Athea  V  Cappagh
Granagh Ballingarry 
V  Adare 
Gerald Griffins 
Round 4 31st March 
Adare  V  Athea
Cappagh  V  Gerald Griffins 
Granagh Ballingarry 
Round 5 14th April 
Gerald Griffins  V  Adare 
Athea  V  Granagh Ballingarry

Cappagh BYE
Novice Final 23rd April
2 Top Teams play in Novice Final

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